Dr Ian Smith Shred Diet – Day 4 – I missed out on the pancakes

Shred Diet Meal Ideas Man, I’m disappointed that I miseed out on the opportunity to have pancakes and bacon during the first week of a diet. Yep, pancakes was on the day 4 Shred Diet menu.  I was too lazy to make them, plus I did not feel like reheating them when I had breakfast around 9.

Day 1 Highlights:

  • Today I stuck closely to the recommend food choices
  • I workout for 45 minutes, and burned around 500 calories
    30 minutes on the stationary  bike, and 15 on the elliptical

Day 4 Shred Diet Menu

Breakfast Meal #1: 9:40
Another late breakfast today, and it was NASTY! I reheated two Egg Whites, and had them  with one slice of 100% Whole Wheat toast, Coffee and a Banana.

The Egg Whites tasted good at the beginning, but soon after I finish, I felt like vomiting. I quickly ate my banana, and finish my coffee but did not feel any better.

I never liked Egg Whites, but I will give them another try, I have fours small boxes that I will not be throwing out. Maybe I felt bad because reheated them.

Snack #1: 12:10PM
1 Kaski Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bar, with a bottle of water

Lunch Meal #2: 1:10PM
Campbell’s 100% natural Healthy Request Chicken with Whole Grain Pasta Soup
Small Salad, with Newman’s Own Lite Honey Mustard Dressing
1 Bottle Water

I did not expect to enjoy the soup, but I did. It was tasty, and filling. I actually had the entire can, which I think was about 200 calories.

Snack #2: 3:20
1 Pack Sensible Portions Portions Veggie Straws

Meal #3: 4:30
I prepared a smoothie using  Jamba All Natural Smoothie Orange Dream Machine, protein  powder, and organe juice,  took it to work and forgot it in the freezer. So I was not able to have my full meal three.

Instead, I had a banana, and 1 Kaski Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bar, with a bottle of water. This did fill me, and I had my smoothie around 6pm on my way to the gym.

Dinner Meal #4: 8:00PM
I was looking forward to this meal all day, I had Chicken Breast seasoned with a Toasted Sesame Ginger rub and cooked with mushroom, and a side of mix vegetables.

I actually had 6 1/4 ounces of chicken, 1 1/4 over the books suggested serving. 🙂

I really changed things up and had a glass of Reduce Fat Milk. I never drink milk with dinner, but I wasn’t too dad.

Overal today was a very good day on the Shred Diet. I feel like I’m getting use to the meal spacing idea.

I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below.  It can be  some words of  encouragement, menu ideas, suggestions, or just to say hello.

The diet program I’m following is called Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes, by Ian K. Smith.


3 thoughts on “Dr Ian Smith Shred Diet – Day 4 – I missed out on the pancakes

  1. Debi J

    Congratulations on how you’re doing with this whole diet Chris. It takes discipline, especially when you’re not liking some of the foods. 🙂

    I’m curious as I’m still reading thru your posts and haven’t seen yet… Is this a permanent type eating plan or one where you’re getting faster results up front and then adjusting into a lifetime eating plan?

    Good luck with it!!

    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Debi. Yes, this is a lifestyle type of diet. It teaches you how to make better food choices with out being on a diet. That is one of the things I like about the Shred Diet. You will lose the weight and keep it off.


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