Shred: The Revolutionary Diet – Week 2 – Day 2 – Resisting Temptation

Building on my successful week one was very important. It was difficult passing up the burgers, hot dogs and cake that was served at my weekly staff meeting today. But the big man, held out.Shred Diet Soup

I ate before attending the meeting, and had my snack and protein shake ready.

Week 2 Day 1 – Shred Diet Menu:

Breakfast Meal #1:
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar
1 Slice Pepperidge Farm Light Style Soft Wheat Bread

Snack #1:

Lunch Meal #2:

Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup

Snack #2:
Synders of Hanover 100 Calorie Pack Mini Pretzels

Meal #3:
Special K Milk Chocolate Protein  Shake

1 Kaski Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bar

Dinner Meal #4: Time
Grilled Chicken Breast
1 cup Low Fat Milk


2 thoughts on “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet – Week 2 – Day 2 – Resisting Temptation

  1. MARY

    I find timing super important, 6am, 6pm – the most important meals being breakfast and dinner. I don’t like a lot of food when I wake, so I do more of a snack then, yogurt. You must break the fast. 9:30am snack, I eat some oatmeal or cream of wheat, or an egg with supermilk – more substantial protein. Lunch at noon, snack @3pm to 3:30, fresh fruit. Then dinner between 6 and 7. I’m never hungry, less susceptible to cravings and more in control of my body and what I put into it =). And I know when and how I can be flexible!


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